The Gift of Life

October 27, 2012
There is no time left, because Jesus is coming.
Not everyone believes in him, which is sad. God has so many great/good plans for you. Let him work in you, he will help you fight this battle.
God always wins.
Me? Guess what I been struggling through so many things, sometimes i just want to punch the wall, I feel like, am about to explode into million of pieces of ashes.
I have sin, but I always ask god, why does he still love me , even though I sin.
Every Where I go, he is with me. He knows me more then I know myself. i have been saved but I also want other people to be saved.
And i don't know , i don't know , what to do, i know i have it in me. . Through my writing,I know Ican touch a lot of people , if you know what I mean?? What should I do, I can feel it in me, I feel the Holy Spirit in me. I feel something warm , a feeling that feels so good . I have a gift in me, the gift that god gave me.

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