Dear Heart

October 25, 2012
By Cynmarie415 SILVER, Lawrenceville, Georgia
Cynmarie415 SILVER, Lawrenceville, Georgia
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Im writing you to tell you im sorry. Ive neglected you so many times throughout these years. Ive allowed people to take you and treat you anyway they want. I failed in protecting you from harm. You've been broken, healed, broken again, re-healed, and now I feel like you're about to get re-broken. Idont know how many times I can fix you.! Im running out of tape and glue. And when I let you heal yourself it takes too long, and leaves a bunch of ugly scars that I dont want to explain to anyone how they got there. I spend so much time listening to what my head says, that I forget to follow you. Anyway I rebuilt the guards that protect you and put them up. They're solid strong, not coming down for nothing.! ; except for that one special somebody that has it all. I need closure. To be honest, icould really give a crap about love, bt Im in it and dnt want to be. I cant handle it.!! I dont wanna be in love.!! I might have the "mean girl" personality on the outside, but on the inside im soft as a cotton ball. I dont express emotions that I feel deep inside b/c I dont want them taken for weaknesses. Well, long story into a summary: I made a spare key to you(my heart) just incase I come around and decide to give you to someone special. I can lock & unlock you anytime and prevent anything form happenin to you. 
I will forever stay true to you, b/c at the end when I let you get broken or hurt, when I close my eyes and tears run down my face; you're still beating, and you keep a steady beat.

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