The Sky

October 25, 2012
By DLJtheman BRONZE, Cleveland, Ohio
DLJtheman BRONZE, Cleveland, Ohio
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The Sky told Odysseus
Where to turn for home.
The Sky told the sailor
What the weather was going to be.
The Sky told the slaves

How to North for freedom.
The Sky told the farmers
That their crops would be watered.
The Sky told the teens
To play video games on a cloudy day.

The Sky told the Children
To come and play in the snow.
The Sky told the parents
To take a walk together.
The Sky told the people

To rest for tomorrow.

I told the Sky
That you were the one,
The one that I wanted.
The Sky didn’t tell you.

All the Sky did was
Clear the clouds and rain,
And make today
As beautiful as you.

The author's comments:
This piece was done on my own. It was based on the guidelines of "Miles Away," but it is something I wrote in my spare time. It mirrors me in a way that I am too shy to tell the girl that I love, that I love her.

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