Blue Eyes

October 25, 2012
By MustachioedPenguin BRONZE, Lilburn, Georgia
MustachioedPenguin BRONZE, Lilburn, Georgia
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Blue Eyes
True Eyes
Real Eyes
Real Lies
Blue Eyes
Glue Eyes
Button Eyes
Fake Eyes
Fake I’s
Fake I’m
I’m Fake
You’re Fake
We’re Fake
Tear fake
Fake Tears
Make Tears
Take Tears
Paste Tears
Paste Mirr’rs
Reflective Mirr’rs
Reflect Yourself
Reflect Lies
Reflect Masks
Many Masks
Happy Masks
Sad Masks
Bad Masks
Clear Masks
Skin Masks
Skin Cover
Cover Skin
Show Skin to
Cover Skin
Cover With
With Fake
Make Fake
Bake Fake
We’re Fake
You’re Fake
I’m Fake
I’s Fake
Eyes Fake
Fake Eyes
Blue Eyes

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