Don't Let It Go

October 25, 2012
By BRONZE, Oz, California BRONZE, Oz, California
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One day. Twenty four hours of my life. Those precious hours. Most don't notice as they slip away to somewhere far and beyond. One by one. The minutes shattering t my feet. Shards of time, their sharp edges digging into my skin. A mirror. A movie. Replaying the lost time. But it is taken. So fast I can feel the breeze on my fingertips. The winds of light and space and eternity. Uncatchable. Particles of feeling. Tinier than ever imaginable, yet larger than the sky. The distance between dreams and reality. The wisp of a memory, flashing back the second before I wake. Never, but always. Then it's gone. Forever. Blown away into dark. Into the roaring silence of nothingness. Of everything. A mysterious sort of deception. Impossible. Improbable. As is this whole world. An illusion. Less than a second in a never ending river of forever. Floating in the balance. Racing to the finish. Day by day. Hour by hour. Never to be seen again. Gone. Those precious hours.

The author's comments:
I hope this poem is confusing. So confusing that you can't wrap your head around it because nothing makes sense. Well neither does life. Nothing makes sense. Except the knowledge that time is slipping by. Too quickly. Time is the unlimited gift card to happiness. Use it wisely.

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