The world ends with our love

October 22, 2012
By Anonymous

When the sun goes black and the day is dark,
And we are near an ark.
Though we can make it,
Holding hands and running towards it.

Running water flowing as quick as a moving car.
We can’t really get that far.
We stop and I try to pulls us forward.
Though you pull me into your arms and I try to go onward.

Flowing water and splashes and more.
I start crying because my legs are sore.
You whisper in my ear, “Don’t be scared. I love you.”
My eyes still burst in tears and I grab his shirt and squeeze tight, “I love you to.”

Splashing whooshing coming our way.
But I hold you making sure I’m with you by the end of the day.
I feel water near my feet then whoosh!
Me and you are together but kaput

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