Inside My Soul Darkness Lives

October 21, 2012
Inside my soul darkness lives,
Filled with dark crevices of images haunting.
Images of mortality, Images of fatality,
My soul no longer requests to live this life so daunting.

I walk along the bridge to nowhere,
Giving myself some time to grieve.
Amidst the eerie ghouls and ghosts,
My soul prepares to leave.

There are nights I wish existence would end,
Maybe then, the suffering would cease.
Looking up into the heavens with pleading eyes,
“Curse the hell-filled beast!”

Inside my soul darkness emerges,
There arrives an instance when it’s all I see.
Immersing my mind into dim thought,
Are ghastly demons gazing upon me.

What cause has this soul to be stricken with sorrow?
Be it as simple as not wanting to live?
To never encounter another day,
A day where the soul has nothing left to give.

Inside my soul darkness creeps,
Creeps slowly as the life inside leaks.
Taking my soul to another place,
Shrouded in blackness, my soul weeps.

Hatred strong as the night drags on,
My soul is weighted with heavy dreams.
It speaks to me, as the night grows cold,
Telling me nothing is ever what it seems.

All my soul can see are shadows,
Taking us away into the depths of hell.
Fearing for life as well as my inevitable demise,
Nothing can save us, so the demons tell.

Living my last few hours to the fullest,
The only way I think I may survive.
“God I beseech you! Fear for my future!
In no time my soul will cease to be alive!”

My soul subsists one last day,
The last dawn it will ever see fear.
The sun will set and the stars will materialize,
At midnight, my soul will be far from here.

Inside my soul darkness lives,
Wicked spirits it sees I abhor.
Tomorrow my soul will take its last breath,
The demons summon my soul once more.

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