Pablo vs. Isaac

October 21, 2012
By Anonymous

Why is it so early in the morning?
Why do I get up so late?
Why can’t I just drop everything for music?
Music is like God in and of itself – it is enough
I really wish I would’ve stayed in L.A.
So much to do in this little frame of time.
hiding what I have, 2 life identity- Am I that good girl
from the desert of New Mexico so bright and steady? Or do I come from
the throes of L.A., quick and eager, so immediate and lucky.

Is my man the shaggy haired boy I’ve known for 1 year solid, who
volunteers with children and showers me
with food?
Or is it the
olive Pablo, who’s a little too old
a little too forward
and v-necked for the liking.
By the way, he’s got a girlfriend at home.
Her name is Angie Salazar.
But I’m prettier than her
Did I mention I’m younger too..?

Who am I really –
the bright and steady girl
or does all it take for me to become
darker and unpredictable
that one Mexican boy

I guess he’s not a boy – for God sake’s, he’s 20
And I doubt anyone else could land that
But when I kiss my boyfriend
and he holds
and we feel special all over again
Do I feel wrong
or should I feel wrong
or should I at least delete the messages
from v-necked Pablo

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