October 26, 2012
By SilverStratavare SILVER, Salt Lake City, Utah
SilverStratavare SILVER, Salt Lake City, Utah
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O, to be king
to rule all;
but not so
to walk through a palace
or more accurately a holding tank

as you walk through your castle
constantly reminded of your own personal irony
“answers to none” the common men say
what bull

to be king
to have another's problem thrust upon you
as if it were your own
and solve it with such urgency
as if it were a grenade for which one had to find the pin-
or risk total annihilation

to be king
to be shackled
to be bound to the house and the kingdom
constantly surrounded by the best of the realm
if only they had use
but these treasures sit around gathering dust-
rusting away after generations of uselessness

to be king
to listen to other’s perpetual woes
and expected to give a sense of overwhelming sympathy
as if you don't have your own sorrows
your losses
your sacrifices
but who do you talk to about this
no one-
you are king

to be king
to always be hated
no matter how much you aid or assist-
sacrifice or give
someone will find your faults
someone will mercilessly attack you
the many voices screaming out-
over each one of your many mortal flaws

to be king
to see the worst of it all
constantly brought to judge the vilest of humanity
forced to condemn it with a vicious brutality
sending it to the harshest circle of hell
in a never ending cycle

to be king
to take your place as leader
accepting all of your responsibilities
all of your sacrifices
all of your suffering
at the end of it all
is really worth being called “your majesty”-
on a throne of ashes

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