Dear Kendra Lynn,

October 21, 2012
With skin softer than freshly picked cotton,
Eyes as blue as the bluest skies
A voice so soft as it was a melody
I long for the time when it's just you and me.
Lips so sweet like apple pie,
If you left, I'd probably die.
It's you in my life that makes me feel alive, there's nothing about you that makes me question why.
Day after day, I drift off to sleep
to a world so wonderful but cannot keep.
Morning after morning, I open my eyes to a pitiful place that I deeply despise.
No time for tears, no time for lies
Just time to wait, as the days pass by
These words I speak are clear and loud,
Just hope one day I can make you proud.
You are all that matters to me,
it's us against the world, just you and me.
So as I lay here, until the morning comes again,
I'll lay here and dream until you're smiling with me in the wind.
Don't ever let anyone tell you you're dumb, because you are bright just like the sun. Don't ever let anyone tell you, you don't care because when it came down to it, you were the one who was there.
No one has ever seen this side of me, I really think it's you coming out of me.
I've paid my debts,
I've done my time
Now all I have left is a stupid fine,
Not much time now, til I call you mine.
When the day comes, I hope I find
That what I was isn't what I was designed
With only days left, I hope we find
That each other is all that was on the mind.

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