"My Soldier"

October 21, 2012
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The way you use to hold me
Kissed me so lightly
The way you twisted my hair
With the fingers that interlocked with mine
The way you made my heart feel so free

I hate you because you left me
But I love you for all the times we’ve shared
I hate you for leaving months at a time
But I love you because you were everything I wanted you to be

You fought for the red, white, and blue
You were a soldier
I’m so proud to call you my love
I wish I could once more say that I love you

I know you’re now with your brothers
The ones that kept you sane during the long nights
The ones you watched meet the heavenly king
The ones that ate the cookies sent by your mother

Wow mother what a expression
I was going to surprise you Christmas Eve
You are, well were going to be a dad
I just really don’t know how I’m going to function

You were a soldier for the USA
But I need you to be my soldier
I need you here to be part of this now broken family
I need you to tell me it’s okay

As I write this to you
I can’t help but feel tears streaming down my face
My heart longs for our love
What am I going to do?

Rest in peace
My love
My husband
My soldier

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