Goodbye Is Not Forever

October 21, 2012
By SavannahN BRONZE, Mansfield, Massachusetts
SavannahN BRONZE, Mansfield, Massachusetts
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Uncle, if I could talk to you,
there's so much I would say
But I'll say it in a letter if I may.
We've changed so much and we love you a bunch.
We still have our ups and our downs,
our smiles and our frowns,
but we still manage to get around.
We're happy and sad, confused and mad,
and it's not the same without you, that's for sure.
I know you loved me right when I was born,
but now I can only mourn.
The fact that you're gone
is too much for me to bear anymore.
I love you so much, send love, kisses and such,
but I still wish you were with us here.
Times are getting so rough,
but I'm still trying to stay tough.
I'll never truly let you go.
Can you hear me up there?
I want you to know I still care and love you so.
You were a wonderful man, I know,
and nobody wanted you to go,
but there you went. You flew like a bird,
There's so much I wish you could see,
so much I wish I could say,
but for now I'll say I love you,
and visit me in my dreams if that's okay.
I remember being held in your arms,
and you'd keep me from harm.
That's the way you always were.
You knew how to light up a room
like nobody else could,
and you'd make people laugh.
You really would!
This is so difficult for me to write,
but I'd like to say how I feel if I might.
Nowadays, there's always some sort of fight.
Why couldn't you be here?
Are you proud of who I've become?
I pray for you. Do you pray for me?
My life feels like one big dirty pile,
but I still try to smile because I have hope,
that you might be watching down on us still.
I'm scared and glad but enough I've had!
I need you here with me.
Uncle won't you listen to me?
Life isn't a breeze,
but at least I had you here for a while.
you were always there to help out.
So much has changed.
Physically, emotionally,
and with living situations too.
Oh how I wish I could tell you.
Friends, family, school,
how do I cope with it all?
I wish we could talk.
I wish we could see each other again,
but I do hope to see you once more.
So when I am feeling low,
I hope that from my heart, you will never go.
But for now what I will say,
is that I will see you again some way
I miss you more than my heart can tell,
or my face can show but again,
I remind myself that from my heart,
you will never go.
I will see you again someday,
and you are never truly far away.
~Your niece

Uncle, I love you so much

The author's comments:
This is a poem I wrote to my uncle. He passed away April 2011 and he and I were extremely close, and with everyday that passes, I miss him more and more.

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