Someone Will Miss You

October 20, 2012
Someone will miss you when you die
Your parents, your schoolmates, and siblings will cry
You only want to stop the pain
So you take the way that most think is insane
But the pain only stops for YOU now
You think it sounds better but just think of how
Your parents have lost their baby girl
Your friends now miss a big part of their world
Someone will miss you when you die
Someone will sit at your grave and cry
'Why did they do it'
'What could I have said?'
'I wish, I wish...
But now they are dead'
If you like someone let them know
If you love someone then let it show
Lets not let one more day go to waste
Without letting everyone get a taste
Of how we care, of how we'll cry
If we ever have to say goodbye
It's not as simple as all that I've said
But it's a start for the start of keeping a friend
Someone will miss you when you die
So please, please, please stay alive

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