Davis, You left too soon

October 10, 2012
By sam22395 BRONZE, Nederland, Colorado
sam22395 BRONZE, Nederland, Colorado
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On Thursday when I heard the news about
What happened Wednesday, I was so shocked
I didn’t know what to think

On Friday when we went to Casey Middle School
We saw your dad there
He took me by the hand, knelt down and said
“Samantha on Wednesday Davis got mad and
Accidentally died by strangling himself”
Then he said
“Don’t ever do that”
Pointing over to the memorial he also said
“Look how much your school cares about you.”

We went to your house and they were so sad
When we left I said, I wanted your original family back
I was no longer Sam Sam
We stayed there for 5 hours

At the memorial I cried
It was in the middle of it
I don’t know what happened
Something was said that made me realize what happened
At the time I didn’t really understand what had happened

At the reception I was gladly surprised
There were a lot of people there
I knew a lot of them
It was very sad

Davis you just left to soon
Everyone misses you so much
We all wish you didn’t choose to leave us

We all think about you
There isn’t a day when you don’t cross my mind
After this happened I freaked out
Time flies so fast
How could this have happened six years ago
Tears come to my eyes when I think about what you could be doing right now

What is really sad is that
Our family started to hang out again
After this happened
Why did something so sad have to happen

Things like this will come at the most random times
I don’t know why
Something will happen that makes me think of the event
You will never leave my mind

The fact is you just left us too soon
You will never be forgotten

The author's comments:
I wrote this after my friend killed himself. I wrote it so that I would never forget how I felt that day.

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