October 25, 2012
By CosmicSaber BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
CosmicSaber BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
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Favorite Quote:
"Every thing in moderation" - Socrates

I don’t mean to hurt.
This is my message so I can’t be curt.
I have to be real, make you get the feel, understand my deal.
Will I succeed in my lessons and ethics of unending licks?
Words and phrases got me seeing hazes and the possibilities.
What might it seem from you to me, me and I, you and yourself.
The knowledge from one to another is drastic but so fantastic.
But why, why must one not see through my eyes?
Why will we always see through our own?
Because we are arrogance.
The delusional idealist named ourselves.
As we venture into intellect we will always be of great disrespect.
For we cannot truly see as another.
As we can see only of our own accord.
You cannot afford this arrogance.
You simply will have to put up with it, fight it, yet don’t deny it.
It is there, but you’re beyond it.
There is no need to force upon you something from a message to a poem.
But I will let you soak in the knowledge as you wish.
Your Arrogance is my bliss.

The author's comments:
Can one truly walk in anthers shoes, or are we bond to our own by arrogance

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