Alone in the Mist of the night

October 25, 2012
By Annasocks BRONZE, Licking, Missouri
Annasocks BRONZE, Licking, Missouri
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Quickly evening breaks,
the darkness anxiously grabs the light away.
just like a frantic group of bee’s
trying to sting to stay unharmed,
the color of bright buzzing bees finally stops.

The night so uneasily crawls into place.
You might be so stunned it grabs you in,
by everything you see in the sky.

Stars throwing each other so peacefully,
I allow the hearts underneath to make a wish.
for those hopeful hearts grasping together like glue,
they have just the tiniest glimpse of hope.
The only one that stands out,
is the only star gliding across dark sealed sky alone.

The friendly moon comes out,
to tell the hidden wolves come and hunt
it’s finally dusk,
the darkness still clouds in the little light.

This little sparkle,
from the shinning moons perfect glow
I sit in my comfort place and pray.
In this little dainty whisper begins to say,
did you know?
each stars a lost soul
that was sent to heaven to be home with God.

The sky so suddenly strikes a glimmer,
with such a small flash.
the one perfect enough to watch
the only alone star glide.
I wish on the lost souls this night to find peace.

The moon throws me something so true,
the most perfect sweet kiss goodnight.
it’d have to be something I’d treasure for life,
I put the lost souls before myself
What’s a life without sacrifice?

The author's comments:
It constantly makes me think of one person standing alone,is normally the one person who ends up being big in the world in learns how to appreciate life in to not always put them on a pedestal as better

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