Ready, Set, Go!

October 25, 2012
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the alarm sounds off.

There is a rustle in the sheets.

Yawning, he sits up.
An abrupt rush of dizziness

pings his head.
Shaking the crummy sleep off,

he moves onto

the cold, hardwood floor.
In the kitchen the sun plays peak-a-boo
behind dull, red curtains.

Until eventually,

yellow glistens through an opening.
He can almost grasp the new day pouring in.

He hears birds singing, and
the television clicking on. It’s breakfast time.

Eggs and bacon crackle, largely popping

as his gray skillet grows hotter.
Tic toc
he just saw the clock
time is swooshing by.

He journeys to the shower,
then squirts on cologne.

The hour winds
to seven.

His final gulp of coffee slides down his dry throat.
A final piece of satisfaction
before exiting through the door.

It is a new day.

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