October 25, 2012
By Anonymous

Laying there in silence
With blood covered wrists
She thinks about why she did it
And why she longs for the numbness
With each thought she hits a fence
Falling from her eyes, a red stained mist
She just can't seem to quit
Shocked by the grimness
Of her tone
She puts away the blade
The only thing she can depend on
Night or day
Besides herself
Picking up her phone
Trying to make every thing fade
But all of her 'friends' are gone
Looking towards the blade she says
'I hope your happy with yourself'
Lost in the pain
Consumed by the will
To do it again
Just one more time and she swears she will stop
Not hearing a sound
Pulling the blade
She is burned by the shame
She just doesn't want to feel
The weight of her sin
After hours of endless pain her body drops
Praying to never be found
Her haunting memories soon fade

The author's comments:
me or my friend jenna

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