The Cosmic Chorus

October 25, 2012
By chocolatelavkak GOLD, Portland, Oregon
chocolatelavkak GOLD, Portland, Oregon
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The sun retracts its last light

A cue to commence the show

The stars question their readiness

Wavering in their decision to go

But time's roar goads them forward

And some creep from the curtains of dark.

Emboldened, more choose to follow

Aware of the stage they're to harness

The nerves are only but natural,

The cloudless nights prove simply so rare!

But now they perceive a viewership

and amp up their silence to thunder

A shrill that shatters yet resonates,

it at least beckons me to wonder.

Into the Night-

Running across the dark

Chasing after the light

Momentum takes blood's place

and gushes into the heart.

The vim drives my search

for a truth greater than life.

My limbs simple push forth,

rather than lift me to the stars.

Yet with every passing stride

Still emerges a greater hope

That the canopy under which I dream

Will fall just around the corner.

The cosmos and I will be one

as the universe will descend into knowing

My legs won't beg for the answers,

since I'll marvel at all the solved mysteries.

The author's comments:
I wanted to write about the wonders of the heavens above.

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