October 25, 2012
By Anonymous

She’s empty on the inside.
She doesn’t feel pain anymore.
Crying doesn’t help.
She’s all out of tears,
she had cried so much at first.
It seems as if her tears have dried up.

Just as the love for him did.

None of it is her fault,
but she doesn’t realize it.
To her, she caused everything.
It’s her fault he hurt her they way he did,
her fault that he calls her names for the stupid things she does or doesn’t do,
her fault that to him she’s worthless.

She hates his guts.
She would rather drown or burn than have to deal with him any longer.

She has a way out though,
someday her and her boyfriend,
they’ll leave the place were nobody understands them,
where she’s hurt way too much,
where she can’t live the way she wants to.

They’ll leave and they will NEVER come back.
Not ever.

Because she knows that when they do,
All that they’ll face is criticism.
Especially from him.
She’ll never be able to explain why she left,
the emptiness in herself because of him.

He took away everything she had,
He ruined her.
She’s not the same girl she was before.

Sometimes though, when she’s away from him,
People see the real her,
They see the person she was before he turned into what he is.

Maybe it’s wrong to say he turned into that person,
Because deep down,
Wasn’t he always that way?
Wasn’t he always a drug addict?
Didn’t he always call her names?
Didn’t he always treat her like this?

He always did and he always will.
It may not have been as bad as it is now,
But it was bad.
It seems as though it will always get worse.
It will never end and the only way to stop it,
Is to leave.

So that’s what she is going to do.
She is going to leave.
Because all that he has ever done is treat her like crap.
He has caused her to be empty on the inside

So she is leaving, and she will never see her father again.

The author's comments:
I wrote this about my own father. He was literally driving me crazy and I needed to get it all out of my system so this is how I did it

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