October 24, 2012
By , Columbia, MO
The most we can do
For each other
Is to simply
Promise to remember
But that’s enough for me

All we wanted
Was to know we were not alone
Everything that seemed so certain
We now know to be so fragile
But if I was going to go back
Back to reverse our mistakes
I wouldn’t know where to begin

I breathe fake smiles
And own umbrellas
So many umbrellas
It isn’t raining anymore
Do you remember everything we’ve lost?
I’m just trying to forget

The darkness still lurks
Behind the beautiful light
And maybe in front of it
I came here looking for a place to die
This existence is lonelier than being alone
Are you still sitting there
Waiting for me?
Those days are already gone

You say the ocean is beautiful
But I don’t see it
We lost everything we loved
And everyone dies
Not just us
But there are worse things than death
Do you believe me yet?
Dying doesn’t sound so bad

You asked me what I was so afraid of
And I couldn’t answer you
But I am afraid
So very afraid

We were happy once
Do you remember?
When everything took our breath away
And nothing hurt
I know you miss those days, even now

This can’t really be what we wanted
But the universe doesn’t care
We hide ourselves
In the quiet places of the world
Are you still hoping for a miracle?
I gave up on miracles long ago

I broke myself
Let the things that made me who I was
Drain out
Until I was empty
But I won’t show you how broken I am
Maybe it’s better that you’ll never know

You promised me forever
It’s a promise that you can’t keep
Even the birds forget how to fly

My dreams came true
Those dreams I chose over everything else
So why am I still so sad?
The dreams no longer seem beautiful

The most you can do
For me
Is to simply
Promise to forget
And maybe it will be like I never existed

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