Waiting for Forever

October 24, 2012
By Anonymous

You utter your yearning,
But is it concrete?
Do you know yearning?
Or is it oblique?

You crave what is extant,
What has breath, what is free,
You crave what is here,
You crave what you see.

But have you desired a soul,
On separate grounds?
Have you wished for his presence,
Have you fancied his sounds?

Have you dreamt of him with you,
And awoke with a tear
Have you resided in the moment,
Have you lived in fear?

When he is your safety,
Your heart, your home,
And he fails to remain
In the sights of your roams

When you feel alone,
And forever is too far,
And you are waiting and waiting,
For the healings of scars

And you are stuck in one place,
In your beloved’s dear heart,
And he won’t let you go,
And you cannot restart

So you are waiting and waiting,
For forever to near,
So you can grasp and embrace,
Whom you hold so dear

They say life is fleeting,
But I must dissent,
Perpetual time lasts,
And the years are misspent

What it means to miss,
Can only be known,
By those who have lost,
Left shattered and alone

I will see him again,
In a time far away,
But I reckon he knows,
In my heart, he will stay

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