The Angels' Garden

October 24, 2012
How long have I been bad?
How long since I was deemed the sinful saint?
How long ago was I innocent?
How long ago was I an angel's wish?
Now I am the snake in the garden of the angels.
I lie so smooth like my words are greased.
I can convince you all I please.
You eat up my words like the apple that damned you.
How long has it been since I learned how to lie?
How long has it been since my halo died?
How long has it been since you fell in my trap?
How long will it be till you find a way out?
Now I'm the sinner sweating in church.
I play my way through like my actions are rehearsed.
I can teach you to do as I please.
You memorize my movements like the hymns that save you.
How long since you began believing me?
How long till you stop?
Now I'm just the fool staring this sick joke in the face.

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