The Secret Keeper

October 24, 2012
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I am the secret keeper
With several overflowing boxes full
Of secrets
Mine, yours, everyone's it seems
They linger in these boxes
They linger in my mind
I know them all
Remember them all
I have millions of poisonous words,
Callous remarks, scalding observations
Floating haphazardly in my head
My mother's, father's, brother's, grandmother's
But no one asked me if I wanted this
I don't
Just to be clear
Yet they can't hear me when I say it
And so I'm doomed to fill these boxes
And while I'm pouring more terrible words in
More boxes must be made, piece by lonely piece
While my own dreadful secrets still remain
They recede
Though they yearn to flow out of my open mouth
Each and every single one
They'll wreck friendships,
Oh yes
Create destruction
Break families
No doubt about it
Those people, previously happy to have told me
Will be struck with fear and betrayal
But I will be unburdened
Alas, I know that it cannot be
These secrets will go to the grave with me
So I add another nail to my coffin
Sew my mouth shut with twine
Because I am the secret keeper
Until the day that I die

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