From Bubblegum to Shoe

October 24, 2012
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They told me that you would walk all over me
Dig your heels in
Strip my personality of all of its flavor
Leave me devoid of my very essence.
That you were too well-polished and straight-laced.
That I would always be desperately clinging
Hanging on to you by a thread
That to you, I’d always be somebody else’s leftovers.
That because of me,
You’d always be stuck in one place.
That I would remain a nuisance
In the peripheries of your vision
On the bottom of your mind.
That you would blister my heart.
But I know better.
You never fail to make an impression.
I know that you and I are a perfect pair
I smoothen out your rough frame
With me, you’re less empty
And I’ll fill whatever spaces you let me.
With you, I lose my composure
My shape begins to disintegrate
I will mold to match you.
I’m here to shield you from your troubles
Because the dirt that sticks to me, is just a little bit less that you have to worry about.
Your flattery flattens me.
So I know that I’m a tad clingy,
But I don’t regret latching on to you
In an eternal embrace.
And even if you were to walk away, your presence would linger on
Because your complicated quirks, your sharp edges, and your smooth curves
Will forever remain engraved in me.

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