I Wish...

October 24, 2012
By nicole27grace BRONZE, Marshalltown, Iowa
nicole27grace BRONZE, Marshalltown, Iowa
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"Life is written by imperfections"

I wish that I could see you
I wish that you saw me
I wish that I could be there but I know it will never be
I wish you knew that I was around and thinking day and night how much I would miss you if you left my sight
I wish that things would be the same but will that ever be?
I wish that one day you will find me and only the real me
I wish I knew it’s up to you to just make this dream come true
I wish that you were here
I wish you were never there
I wish I wasn't lost in the crowd but would just now reappear
I wish that I could see you will never come around
I wish that the wishes could just end but that won’t happen now

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