The Case for Anonymity

October 25, 2012
By Anonymous

Faces pass by
Inscrutable and dim
All the more reason
Not to say a word.
Linger, listen, loiter,
Never love.

Time dulls the keen edge
Of human interaction
Intimacy fades
Boredom instigates separation
The familiar are forgotten
in the quest for the new.

Don't ask for a name
Or a life story
People will gladly trade your time
For their two cents.

The observer is untouched
A reflection of others
Never offering insight
Simply refracting brilliance.

The lone wolf cries to the moon
But the heavens are deaf to its pleas.
A winding road twists, writhes into the unknown
The traveler chooses the road least followed
Silence, solitude, self-loathing
Never swaying.

Why take this path?
Though it's dark and deep
It never wavers
No matter where you go.
This consistency encourages the traveler
Never to stray from the boundaries.

Tread water
Narrowly avoiding suffocation
Rather than risk ignominy
For a shot at infamy.

Keep walking
Avoid the searching glances
Shun the cursory stares
Remain safely anonymous
Forever the face in the crowd.

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