The Art of Love

October 24, 2012
A broken heart
The gift of love
The love broken but held high
The same love carried by the same broken heart
The same love
Broken again
Now loves burden
Love ends its cycle
Hoping to end the pain
Love has now found anger
Together make an evil thing
A thing that might as well be hung
Seeing as it has no purpose
No one to love
Love now anger
Shows anger only towards itself
As anger and sense of failure
Seek love to fix this eternal pain
Anger now not seeking any amends
Writing becomes a habit
Feelings come alive
Some only as words
As love sits
Waiting to be reborn
Love reborn
Finds me curled up
Pain is an overwhelming thing
Now revived by the thoughts of love
I start over
Start looking for that one person
Love has led me in circles
It’s a big world
As I lose all hope
I can’t help but notice this one being
This being of beauty
Love has found me once again
Weary at first
Anticipating issues
I find none
I now see
That my life IS good
And I’ll be happy
As long as I’m with her
Things will always go as planned

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PurpleOreo said...
Oct. 29, 2012 at 4:16 pm
Great job at showing how  love could spiral out to so many other emotions. Cause and effect. This is real deep. Keep writting! (:
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