Silent Choking

October 23, 2012

Silent choking
Hate has burned bloody gaps
Metal stings skin cracks
The rancid reek of charring flesh
Is dancing on my very soul.
In my very own veins
Betrayal marks my eyes
Silent words saying all
And as the rising fumes enmesh
My missing heart, I play the role
I role the dice
I'm the master puppet
In a circus of demise
An illusion-all I am
Controlled by hate
Caught in fear
Webs of lies
Broken skin cracks
Metal clinks
Echoing screams
Blood dripping cold through icy veins
Silent but screaming
Still but always moving
Lost never found
Afraid always forgotten
Knives and flames bathe me
Why should anybody care?
Mutual Hate has made me this way
Mutual hate shall decide my fate

The author's comments:
Not much about this one; just a small struggle and a mental battle

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