my dear friend

October 23, 2012
By Beatricew GOLD, Chicago, Illinois
Beatricew GOLD, Chicago, Illinois
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Whatever happened to when
There was only me and you
I miss those days
Us against the world
It was us who conquered it

But now you've got
Your new friends
And i am at a distance
Don't get me wrong
I do have my friends too
But ill never
Put any of them before i put you

Because in my eyes
You'll always come first
But i guess its just not the same
No, not anymore
Not in your eyes

my dearest friend
My BEST friend
The one who was always there
Through thick and thin
Rain and sunshine
Tempers and happiness
You've seen it all
We've been through it all
Like a committed friendship
You always had me
And i had you

But i feel us growing apart
And i don't want that to happen

I cant take you from them
But ill try to make you
Stop pushing away from me

The author's comments:
ever felt like you were loosing your best friend and you just want her back?

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