Pretty Face

October 23, 2012
By delilahmusing BRONZE, Tuscumbia, Alabama
delilahmusing BRONZE, Tuscumbia, Alabama
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Guess we all know this song

But it’s just the beat
that’s familiar

And the words go like this:

Pretty face, pretty face

They all shake their heads
Heard about that guy
The other one, too
And that third one at the party
Yeah, they’re onto you

Pretty face, pretty face
I heard it was lie
That they put their hands on you
But you were kind of shy

Pretty face, pretty face
You’ve got to understand
This world is bitter
And is shy to rejection
As you are to touch

Pretty face, pretty face
When wasn’t it enough?
When they began to say,
That the frame of you took up too much space
Is that when you drew the line
In your own flesh?

Pretty face, pretty face,
Aren’t you small enough?
Your eyes are too wide for your bones
And you stomach cries out in pain

Pretty face, pretty face,
I’m sorry I guessed at your shame
Guess I just wanted a little closer
Didn’t mean to startle you

Pretty face, pretty face
This wasn’t the way
You didn’t have to leave
With such haste

Pretty face, pretty face
At least that size 0 funeral dress
Didn’t go to waste.

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