Society Killed the Girl

October 23, 2012
By keep_hope_alive23 BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
keep_hope_alive23 BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
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Favorite Quote:
"People should fall in love with their eyes closed."- Andy Warhol.

They told her it would be okay
So she gave into society
Gave into the world that lied to her so beautifully
She begs on her knees
For beauty
Something she would never see
When she looks at herself she cries hysterically
“Please fix me! Why am I like this?!
So ugly and average, something everyone resists!”
She fakes her smile, fakes her happiness
Everynight trying to reminisce
when she was beautiful and perfect; she can’t
But that’s what she doesn’t understand
That beauty is overated, outdated,
Something she wanted, but hated
But the truth she failed to demand
She couldn’t think,because herself she hated
Accepting with the lies society told
Never thought life could be so cold
Accepting that beauty was something she’d never see
Accepting that beautiful was something she’d never be

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