The Way You Used To Be

October 23, 2012
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I'm starting to lose my memory of you which is ironic since you've lost your memory of me
I'm looking at pictures just trying to remember the way you used to be
I know for sure that you had a good style since you still do to this day
I'm struggling to remember your stories since now you can't find the words to say
I remember the nights when we would sing and dance and you dressed me up for the stage
We would read the poems verse by verse with rhymes spread all over the page
The family laughed cause I was only seven acting as if I were years older but you believed in me, you never gave up
When I would strike a pose you would smile cuz it was just enough
When I see you now with hardly any hair and sleepy eyes I try to reember when your eyes were wide open, when your hair was styled to perfection
Your makeup was done and you were all dressed up, not one slight imperfection
I wish I could remember all you used to say because now your words are drifting away
I wish I had written down everything you knew so I could pass that wisdom along
Now all you know is that you want to go home and you still remember words to your favorite songs
I love you just the way you are and you're still beautiful to me
I only wish I could go back so I could see the way you used to be

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