October 23, 2012
By -Smrik BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
-Smrik BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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Staying True is staying far away from the immitation from those whome we cannot Resemble - S.S

Watching fallen leaves swaying down from trees
Looking at the sky with birds flying free
Seeing only smiling faces
Faces of my childhood favorites
A little girl a world of no worries
A home that was filled with comfort and ease

But growing older she became to see
Fallen leaves,were leaves that were dying
The birds in the sky slowly stopped flying
Smiling faces turned to frowns
Childhood faces stopped coming around
A growing girl a world with new fears
A home that was sweating her blood and her tears

Things changing left and right
Wiser but ignorance came over night
Older and older her age became
The safe home she knew started to
The moon , the sun and rain poured down
But the home she had known in her own town
Had never left when she came around

All grown up she began to see
The falling of leaves was a natural thing
When the birds had stopped flying
She now knew they'd come back
Winters would end with there brutal attacks
A world with new eyes
She now knew she would see
The home she had known she could never not keep.

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