The Shore's Welcoming Kisses

October 23, 2012
By Zoe Kraft SILVER, Long Grove, Illinois
Zoe Kraft SILVER, Long Grove, Illinois
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She couldn’t help it, she broke her walking pace.

Running down the stairs, skipping every other step,

she made her way down to the beach.

It had been so long and she yearned to feel the sand tickle her toes.

Stepping onto the first landing, she kicked her shoes off,

sending them flying into the railing.

Before they even landed, she was off again.

Her expression changed as soon as she made contact with the cool


Hey eyes widened and her face relaxed.

She was aware of every grain of sand sticking to the ends of her jeans,

yet she continued running towards the lake.

Kicking the sand up behind her,

it took extra effort to take each step

after sinking into the depths of the beach.

Finally, upon reaching the edge of the lake,

she stopped.

The tips of her toes were kissed by the entrance of a wave on the shore,

sending a chill up her spine.

She inhaled deeply.

The lake’s cool breeze filled her inside and out.

The fresh air made her feel light. She stood there,

eyes closed,

allowing her other senses to see for her.

She was home

and never planned on leaving again.

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