A Pawn in His Game

October 23, 2012
By Zoe Kraft SILVER, Long Grove, Illinois
Zoe Kraft SILVER, Long Grove, Illinois
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I’ve just been told things have to change.
A friendship completely rearranged.

If only he had never said anything.
Kept his mouth closed, stapled shut.
Like a stab in the back,
a tug on the heart,
a sting in the eye.

I’ve just been told we can’t be friends,
What we once had has come to an end.

Immature, ignorant, insensitive.
We could have moved on
our friendship remaining,
but he kept playing his game.

I felt like a fool
When he made up the rules.

Like a puppet master
in control of his play,
welcoming and dismissing
the drama he pleased.

I’ve just been told he’s gone,
I had been nothing but one of his pawns.

Left without a goodbye, no last word.
A friendship forgotten
and left in the past.

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