Smoke Signals to Fiber Optics

October 22, 2012
Defined as the practical application of knowledge.
The word kept in the minds’ of those talented enough to create the world’s greatest inventions.
From the experiment using a key, a kite and lightning,
to the quick, effective assembly lines that turned into cars,
to the box in every home with voices coming out.

Before there was the Internet,
we used books.
Before there was cell phones,
we wrote letters.
Before there was a social network
we had to say “until we meet again.”
Before these inventions found a way into our homes,
they were just thought bubbles floating around in someone’s head.

“Take the good with the bad.”
A state of mind kept when making new inventions members of your family.
Cell phones and computers experience a mental break down and need to go the hospital.
TV screens experience severe winter storms and need to be dressed accordingly.
I-pods experience mood swings and need to be put back on track.

The Internet has become
the crutch our world cannot live without.
Cell phones have become
the personal butler who tells us what to do, where to go and the best way to approach life.
Social networks have become
the place to reconnect with long lost friends and family from around the world.
Each invention was created as an aid,
to live in a world that is not always perfect but it’s the only one we have.

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