A Heart of Stone

October 22, 2012
Full in my chest, are the flies that butter.
Flies that flutter and flies that stutter.
Beautiful maggots aloft goldenrod wings,
Make a scrumptious lunch for the ones who sing.

The singing ones whose friends are bees.
Bees that sting and bees that tease.
A lesson learned of selfish desire,
A second chance to untie the wire.

The wire which ties all things together.
The knot for which diamonds are bought.
The writing in stone that can’t be undone.
The promise of a lifetime spent with the one.

The one for me.
But is she the one I’m meant to be?
Meant to be with for eternity?
Will another girl take her place?
Is she just too late?

Late to play this game of fate.
This game of fate fueled by wait.
The wait for peace and assurance of relief.
From worry and want and defeat.

The defeat that the heart knows all too well.
Too well is the fondness I wish to quell.
Get out of my life, and leave me alone.
But never leave me, for you are my home.

My home that I’ve dwelled in for so long.
Yet, you abandoned me so suddenly.
The tide turned without warning.
My heart is left cold and alone.

With or without you, I must survive.
I must survive for the sake of life.
Did I really think I could manage alone?
I sink, weighed down by a heart of stone.

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HesperAurora said...
Oct. 28, 2012 at 2:04 pm
I liked it! ^-^
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