October 22, 2012
By Cheyenne_ GOLD, Lawton, Oklahoma
Cheyenne_ GOLD, Lawton, Oklahoma
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Favorite Quote:
You can do whatever you like because the ones who matter dont mind,and the ones who mind dont matter ~Dr.Suess

If you're the hero than what am I ?
your sidekick?
the villian?
the citizen that is saved?
the one that gets blown up?
the one who isn't sane?
What am I to you?
Am I just a joke?
Am I a villain ?
I really need to know
Can I be your sidekick?
Us fighting side by side
Saving the world together
Before it's destroyed
My sanity only lasts so long
It's slipping away slowly
So lets save the world together
Before it's completely gone .

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