To a Bassoon

October 22, 2012

To a Bassoon

O instrument, woodwind, horn, tube of wood and metal.
Your tall, long, towering shape and shine is unique, incomparable, special, matchless.
The lowest of the woodwinds.

Your sound, intonation, notes, music, tone, is low and beautiful, charming, classy.
You are an unknown, unexplored, mysterious, strange instrument.
Most musicians are hesitant to explore your mysteries, riddles, questions.

Your reed is unlike the others, two instead of one.
Your cousin, the oboe, is alone, apart, detached, in resembling a similarity.

O bassoon, you will be forever special, unique, distinctive, peculiar, in the world
of music.

The author's comments:
This was origionaly an assignment for my creative writing class but I liked it so much I wanted to submit it.

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