October 22, 2012
By WhenPoetrySpeaks BRONZE, San Angelo, Texas
WhenPoetrySpeaks BRONZE, San Angelo, Texas
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A world of complexity has the power to descend those with simple minds, but the complexity of the human mind has the power to transcend you if you let go of ignorance.

The only cure to loneliness,
The mist that's in the air.
The overflowing of the heart,
To show that one still cares.
The aching of a human being,
At the sight of another staggered.
The breaking of a human being,
At the sight of another shattered.
The idea behind the logic "My time is yours, your pains are mine."
The answer to the question, "Why am I still here alive?"
The purpose behind every complex life,
The gift from God to humans.
The reason to live and the reason to die,
MAKE AN IMPACT, Love is the movement*

The author's comments:
This poem goes out to everyone who has been bullied, and it goes out to bullies themselves. It goes out to the ones that are hurt, and the ones who hurt others to fill that empty gap they have inside themselves. Sometimes, even the ones who hurt others do it because they need that sense of power to feel like they arent hurting anymore. Turn that logic around though, and you'll find that love does the same thing. If you see somebody who looks like they need a friend, stop and talk to them. One word could save somebody's life.

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