I am Holly

October 22, 2012
I am Holly.
I am like an ant, standing on this ground, looking up.
I wonder what the view is like, for a tall person.
I hear the thunder following with footsteps.
I see the ground shake and puddles ripple.
I want to run and hide from the danger,
but I also want to see the action.
I am Holly.
I pretend I extend over the grass and can reach up to the clouds.
I feel like I can go anywhere I want, in a matter of seconds.
I touch the cotton clouds and watch them break away.
I worry that I disturbed them and caused the storm.
I cry for pain and joy, when I fall back to the ground, knowing the sky is okay, but the fall was hard.
I am Holly.
I understand that I should let tall people do their jobs, telling us what the weather is like.
I say that no matter how short you are,
you can always stand ten feet tall,
if you choose to.
I dream of what the stars and moon look like from a closer view.
I try holding my head up high, stand on the tip of my toes, and break away from this ant body.
I am Holly.

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