October 20, 2012
By Anonymous

I know a girl
She knows me too
Who knows how we got here
or if she's gonna stay.
We are in a place
where time is costly but
we often don't have the dough
to pay so we rush through
our lives with no thoughts
to surrounding people,
ending up to hurt the
hope and steeples, of the
church and our faith and God
of the homies who pray
every day with cast-off
hope from the past year.
Now this girl takes her time and thinks and prays
but is not sure how to survive the cost-effective days.
So she crams her life with s**** and drugs and slides her responsibilities
to the side of the game.
She creeps in with the "bad" people and once she's acquainted
she stops to think
what am I doing here with the crack, cocaine, and no college career?
So this lonesome girl has dug so deep
there's no turning back
so she takes a rope
and a thick red ribbon,
ties the threads in her hair
and finds a place to stay.
Takes deep breaths.
Thinks of family and friends.
Tries to once and thinks, I can manage this.
She steps back into life,
with the subway, buses, trains.
One foot forward,
she's in high school all over again.
Going a different path
with the brainiacs and science honors classes,
she chooses knowledge over past lives.
I know this girl.
She knows me too.
This s*** I said
This girl is me
She COULD be you too.

The author's comments:
I was dreaming of the future and though of all the bad choices that might be ahead. This hasn't happened, and I hope it won't.

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