All Grown Up

October 18, 2012
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Walking into town,
No worries nearby,
We take a seat on the canal.
The kids trot by glancing our way,
Unaffected by what affects me most.
The simple days are long gone,
The days of hide and seek,
Where my backyard was as vast as a jungle,
Where the snap of twig was the scariest thing we’d ever face.

These days experience dusk,
With no guarantee of a brighter dawn.
The simple days have ended,
And have been traded for days occupied by the unknown.

As I look over at you, deep in thought,
Gazing out above the water,
I know you see it too.

In the horizon the sun dips below,
Promising to return tomorrow,
This time, with no promise what tomorrow will bring.

Our childhood memories,
Sit in the back seat of our mind.
Taking second to the responsibilities of upcoming adulthood.
Our future is within our grasp,
Ours for the taking,
Presenting our time to step up,
Or get left behind.

As we gaze across the water,
The realization of the end to this chapter hits,
And sinks deep into our being.

I look to you for comfort,
And you look to me realizing there is none.
So we break it with a laugh,
And smooth it with a smile.

As we walk back to the car,
I manage to catch a knowing glance.
We know that this day at the canal is the last of its kind.
But as we march into the unknown,
The fear, worry and oblivion unites us,
And gives me hope that maybe you’ll stay around for a while,
And I wouldn't mind.

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