October 18, 2012
By Anonymous

Breathing out of restrain and
Invading the unknown space
Stops all the fear and lets us fall like the rain

Because expression is who we are
It ignores repression by far
Giving us the chance to find
Free essence is a state of mind

Emotion is meant to diffuse so
If iron and carbon restrict
Find strength to give the steel no use

Don’t hesitate for the right lane
Unless, you want to be insane
Let it all out before it’s too late

Blocked feelings may end up
As an explosion of rage,
The atomic bomb of craze
Or even worse the nuclear war of
Your own disdain

All bursting out with grenades of desire
To release your oppressed self only to embed
The fact of an extinguished fire and that
It’s too late you are already dead

Even if you never knew what it was to be unconfined
Soul lives on to truly find
Infinity was always yours you just some needed peace of mind.

The author's comments:
I was trying to write about freedom , not sure if i got to the point.

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