In the mind of a uninspired poet

October 19, 2012
By Mr.Dominican125 GOLD, Miami, Florida
Mr.Dominican125 GOLD, Miami, Florida
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A person who won't read has no advantage over one who can't read.
- Mark Twain

Have you ever sat in front of a pen and paper with unnecessary thoughts storming parading around in your mind?
Staring at nothing for soo long your mind itself went blank
Just waiting for one line, that one line to get you going

It felt as if I was waiting for decades, centuries even for rhymes to overflow from my being
But I just sat there awkwardly, as if I was waiting for something…
Maybe I was waiting for someone who can inspire me,
Someone who can show me the wonders of the world instead of just turning the other cheek

Someone who would postpone their daily duties just to keep me going
Or am I waiting for that one opportunity to strike me like an unsatisfied lover
An opportunity so magnificently grand that the world will praise my very existence…..
Here I am rambling on about who knows what and I haven’t even written a single line

Damn, it feels as though I’m not inspired enough or maybe I am but I just don’t know it yet
But how can I not know when I just said it?
Hours pass me by as if I was just a mere memory
Staring hard at my paper I now realized I have only written two words: “Luis Matos”
Feeling a bit disappointed in myself I adjourned the seemingly everlasting struggle between me and my unwritten poem

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