I Desire

October 19, 2012
I desire to be in your arms, at every moment of every day
Expressing my love for you in new and creative ways
Knowing each day will be better than the last
But also hoping none of them go by as fast

I desire to kiss you; on your lips and every other unmentionable place
Kissing you over and over, till you memorize my pace
Kissing in the morning till the sun is about to set
Even kissing you in places that make you drenching wet

I desire to know you, from every bruise to every scar
To know exactly what you’re doing, even from afar
To know every emotion to ever come across that pretty face,
To even knowing why every single thing is always out of place

I desire to care for you, sometimes a bit more than others
So you know I can be as reliable as the occasional wise older brother
I can pretend to know exactly why you’re crying, but I rather just cry along with you
And listen to your problems, rather than saying I feel the same way you do

I desire to love you, till hell has frozen over
But we all know that’s as simple as finding a four leaf clover
But who was to say love was just a simple game between Player A and Player B
Because like every other game, this game has problems and a lot of unwanted entries

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