The Sound of Music

October 19, 2012
The captor of emotions, a language everyone speaks,
Sending sound waves soaring throughout the room only to find themselves absorbed by the drum of my ear.
Like waves of the sea, rhythmically washing away unwanted litter on the beach of my emotions,
Leaving only pure white sand to be found.
The gravity of music is irresistible.
Like precious metals to a magnet, I am drawn to it
Like a warm blanket on a frigid winter day, I find myself surrounded by it every chance I get.
Music can be heard, and it can be felt
Like an angel
It can touch us, yet we cannot touch it back
Like a saint
It gives so much, yet asks for nothing in return
Music can be created out of thin air,
It can disappear just as quickly. Better than any trick up a magician’s sleeve.
Now you hear it
Now you don’t.

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