Hold Me?

October 19, 2012
By MonochromePuppet SILVER, Salisbury, North Carolina
MonochromePuppet SILVER, Salisbury, North Carolina
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It is an almost shivery feeling,
being unable to go on.
My skin is like spiders, moving in ripples.
Are they dancing?
hellno, spiders have no rhythm.
OH, my words have stopped making sense,
they're just choppy water in the sea of sounds, eh?
Just nothing,
don't worry it's nothing.
It's buzzing,
the damn thing always buzzes.
Reminding me I'm never properly alone.
Stupid technology.
Are you a lifeline,
or a long walk off a short pier?
F*cking spiders.
Oh, the sounds, they hurt me,
someone stop the hurt.
Someone stop the scared while I'm wishing,
at least take away the gun,
I scare myself sometimes.
I wish I loved ice cream less,
or had less faith in iShit to make more junk to disappear in,
'cos I'm tired.
I'm so tired.

Can't you understand?
My words may be nonsense sometimes,
watch the spiders dance,
I know my emotions may be too big,
to hold in you psychoanalyst hand.
But please pretend to understand,
and nod with that stupid smile,
cos I am so lonely these days,
Cos the shivering tels me I can no longer stand.

Hold me?

The author's comments:
I'm not even sure anymore.....

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