Keyboard Rhythm

October 19, 2012
I tap away at the keyboard,
words flying before my mind's eyes at speeds to make Einstein weep,
the keyboard's tapping keeping my beat,
I write my soul,
mind put to shame,
my heart is beating,
defining the game,
Am I typing or flying,
I can't feel the ground,
my fingers are numbing,
there is no sound,
but my fingers tapping,
and keeping the time,
giving my madness reason and rhyme,
my beat is slowing,
drawing to an end,
my thoughts are dwindling,
my soul is on the mend,
at the end of the screen,
I type my name...

I own my rhythm,
slumped in my seat,
I own my story,
not yet complete,
I own my name,
pasted at the end,
I type in yours,
and I hit


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